Youmans Family | Atlanta Newborn Photographers

Hi Friends,
This sweet family. I’ve honestly stalked them since I photographed their wedding, I watched them start new jobs. Buy their first home. enjoy some fun vacations. Welcome not just one but two puppies. Ive loved seeing their love for each other, and how their heart pours out for their friends and family. I have always been in awe of what truly beautiful people these two are. So undoubtedly, watching their family grow brings me so much joy.
I love that I have the special privilege of introducing to you beautiful Rosalie.

much joy,

Lesley + Mike | Atlanta Wedding Photographers

Hi friends!
These two were probably the most joyous clients I think I have ever had. I don’t think a second of their day went by without the two of them wearing the biggest smiles. They loved and laughed so well, and it was so much fun to watch and capture. The sweetest part of the day was during their ceremony, Lesley’s grandfather officiated, and was truly able to look over his grandaughter’s life and give such a personal testimony of marriage. I couldn’t have thought of a more perfect person to tie their knot, and I was just so thankful to have witnessed it.
Hey you two, thank you for being so awesome to us! We loved every second with you guys, and I promise if you keep that joy between the two of you, you will truly have such a special marriage.
Much joy and enjoy your sneak peek!