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Osborne Family | Anniversary Shoot

Hi Friends!

I am double posting today to play a little bit of catch up! I didn’t want to make either of these sweet families wait any longer to see their photos!! Plus, I was so excited to share both of these  images with you!! I was so excited when dan emailed me that he wanted to surprise his wife with an anniversary shoot to celebrate their 10 year!!! Such a fun + meaningful way to document your life together. He thought it would be special to have the shoot at the place they were married which was Jen’s parents home. So, I made the trek out to Loganville, and man, oh man, was I glad that I did!! I was smitten with this beautiful little piece of Heaven. I could see exactly why 10 years ago, they picked this place to get married! 

I’ll be the first to admit that marriage can be hard, and I think we all know that adding a gaggle of kids doesn’t exactly make things easier :), so I am so proud and honored to celebrate 10 years with these two!  You have accomplished quite a lot in 10 years (including raising three beautiful children of course) and I look forward to capturing the moments of the next 10!  May God continue to reveal the beauty of your marriage one day at at time.

Much Joy,