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Katie + John | Highlands Wedding Photographers

Hi friends!!
The colors of this wedding make me so happy. The bright greens and blues and how nature coordinated truly was stunning. Katie and John hosted a beautiful wedding in Highlands NC where they wanted their guest to enjoy a mountain retreat and getaway from the city. It was a wonderful location to accomplish that, and I loved that despite being an August wedding the cooler temperatures gave me a taste for Fall weddings. It did start to rain during their ceremony, but the sun came out just in time for their newlywed photos and the light created these breathtaking rays as it poured through the trees.
Old Edwards and Oak Leaf florals created the perfect additions for John and Katie’s celebration. I loved being able to capture all the beauty of this wedding, and even the rain added the perfect unique touch to make this day perfect.
Katie and John, thank you so much for inviting me to the mountains, and for allowing me to capture your day as it unfolded.
Much joy to you both!
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Osborne Family | Anniversary Shoot

Hi Friends!

I am double posting today to play a little bit of catch up! I didn’t want to make either of these sweet families wait any longer to see their photos!! Plus, I was so excited to share both of these  images with you!! I was so excited when dan emailed me that he wanted to surprise his wife with an anniversary shoot to celebrate their 10 year!!! Such a fun + meaningful way to document your life together. He thought it would be special to have the shoot at the place they were married which was Jen’s parents home. So, I made the trek out to Loganville, and man, oh man, was I glad that I did!! I was smitten with this beautiful little piece of Heaven. I could see exactly why 10 years ago, they picked this place to get married! 

I’ll be the first to admit that marriage can be hard, and I think we all know that adding a gaggle of kids doesn’t exactly make things easier :), so I am so proud and honored to celebrate 10 years with these two!  You have accomplished quite a lot in 10 years (including raising three beautiful children of course) and I look forward to capturing the moments of the next 10!  May God continue to reveal the beauty of your marriage one day at at time.

Much Joy,