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Hi friends!
I can’t believe we are already in the month of June. May truly went by like a blink and with 8 incredible weddings, my little heart is bursting to get to each one. I lived out of my suite case for the for the first half of may, which is always something I love. Erin and Jake, hosted their wedding in the Highlands,  one of North Carolina’s most adorable towns, which was certainly worth traveling for. They wanted their guests to escape the busy city and enjoy the calm that is unescapable from this sweet mountain town. They chose Old Edwards Inn and Farm as their focal point for their celebration and nonstop amazing moments, amazing people, & amazing scenery, I was in photo-taking heaven.
These two out did themselves, but for a couple that has been together for over 7 years, throwing a party of a lifetime made perfect sense. Erin and Jake also have impeccably good taste, (I mean, they picked each other right!?). With Old Edwards as the backdrop, and the incredible team of Floressence Flowers, we were certainly not disappointed. These two literally put their personal stamp on everything, with monogrammed napkins, custom stamped seals on the invitations, each setting of unique china that they searched for months until the found the perfect ones, head table pillows, beautiful linens, drink stirrers…. and as I walked through, I could over hear each guest as they oooo’ed and ahhhhh’ed and it was not difficult to see why.
Aside from all of this gorgeousness, throughout our time together, the one thing I couldn’t help but notice was how well these two knew each other. Little things like what drink the other would want to bigger things like how the other would react in a situation, and knowing exactly what to say to help the other. I observed how feircely they loved each other and how protective they were of each others feelings, and I had no doubt that these two not only belonged together, but how much they treasured each other. And even with every beautiful detail, photographing the two of them is what I loved most. Because a love like that is unmistakeable.

Erin and Jake, you guys are awesome. Thank you so much for entrusting us in capturing your beautiful day. I know coming back to reality after a 3 week honeymoon was probably hard, but I hope this sneak peek will make reality a little sweeter.
Much joy!

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