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Hi friends!!
With so many photography styles and genres out there, as a photog it can be so easy to get lost in the sea of it all. I can admit when I look at some photographs, my heart can easily fall to wishing my style was more like “theirs”, or i can start to feel like I need to take more like “this” other photographer. it definitely is a very easy trap to fall into. Loosing yourself to a world of duplicating. But, the coolest part about art, is art is free. There are millions of versions because their are millions of different hearts to soak up the different styles. One painting speaks to someone completely differently than how it can speak to another. I can absolutely love a movie while my hubby can hate it. Its the coolest part.  So when I get lost in my wishing, how thankful I am for my clients because they remind me of what I truly love photographing. Smiles. Authenticity. love. Holding hands. Beauty. Laughter. Gentleness. Spontaneity. joy. kissing. Allure. Celebration. Color. Personal. Fun. more love. These are part of my list, and what I hope to capture. My sweet clients make it so easy to see these things, and capture them. So please know how thankful I am to you. You help remind me every day why I love doing what I do, and giving me such lovlieness to photograph!
Which brings me to this darling couple! I could have spent ALL day photographing them (and I WILL in October, yippee!) because they love each other so well. These somewhat high school sweet hearts, and Im ok with calling them that, even though there was a journey to their beautiful story of finding each other over and over again. They laughed and loved and kissed and smiled and oh did I mention smiled, so well. It made my job effortless, and I loved the turnout.
Katie and Josh, thank you so much for reminding me of why i love my job so much. You two had such a joy that filled the air around you, and even though it went late, and we were all really hungry…almost hangry….it was so much fun.
Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!!!
Much joy!

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