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Hi friends!
I am so excited to share this beautiful wedding where the only negative was that it ended. It was my first time to The Hill and while Allison and Bobby tried to prepare me for how beautiful it was, I truly don’t thinkn words or pictures could ever do it justice. On top of that, add in all of the incredible details and special touches Allison and Bobby put into creating a romantic evening of celebrating. I just loved the florals, the monogrammed vintage linens, the drapery, the 4 person bluegrass band, and peach preserves that they sent each guest home with.

But my favorite part of the day was getting to walk the grounds with just Allison and Bobby. I loved how intimate of a time they created because they allowed enough time for them to just wander, time to hold hands, and soak up every single second. To often couples rush through the time when it is just them because of timing, or dinner being served, or the pressure of waiting guests, so when a couple intentially chooses to allow time for the two of them to connect on the wedding day always makes me happy because I know how much they will remember that time in the years to come. They made it about them and what the day is truly about, their love.
Allison and Bobby, thank you for letting me celebrate with you. I loved seeing your vision come to life and even more watching your love get the commitment it deserved! So happy for you both!! Enjoy this sneak peek!

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