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Welcoming baby home for the first time is always full of emotions… the thoughts the swirl through a new parents head can ofter be overwhelming. “Do we have everything we need, did we buckle the car sear in correctly, will baby eat, will we be good parents, will baby sleep, will I sleep, will we bond, the list of thoughts is endless, and know how many times you’ve welcomed home a new one, each one will have its own unique set of emotions and questions.
But, heres the deal. It doesn’t matter. All those things we worry about with a new baby will come with you figuring it out, together. You will. I believe that God grew families in stages. There is a reason we have 3 trimesters, and 9 months, and a newborn, and a 3 month old, and a one year old… There is a reason we don’t find out we are expecting a baby, and then the next day have one. Because with time all those questions will get an answer, and that same time will bring in the grace you need until you do. The truth is, those answers will change because what is right today, might not be right tomorrow. Baby is sleeping today, but he might not tomorrow. It is a constant evolution of figuring each other out. and eventually you will… and you will do it all over again most likely. Its the beautiful part of parenthood.

This sweet new family was such an inspiration to me. Not because they had everything figured out, they might have they might not have, but because they had such a joy. The moment I walked in their door, I had no doubt that they were just so overjoyed to have their new one with them that it was like beams shining every where. They worked as a team, figuring it out together. Laughed when they messed up, and gave each other grace as they figured it out. And they loved each other big. It was so awesome and inspiring, and I was so thankful to have witnessed it.
Irby family, I do know how one little itty bitty being can cause so much “wonderfulness’. You two were taking it all in, and truly enjoying it which is awesome. I hope you love the glimpse I saw threw my lens, and how I told the story of how it began for the three of you.
Much joy!

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