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Hi Friends,
Ya’ll the hardest part about the fall and the busy-ness that comes with it- is having the right amount of time delegated for ALL the things that need to get done. If I am out shooting, I can’t be editing, blogging, emailing, albums, paper filing, etc… but if I am in the studio, I am not shooting which is the part I know you like.. and me too. 😉 I promise I am doing my best juggling it all, and truly wish especially while driving in 285 during traffic for a shoot that I could be at two places at once. Add in all the rain, trying to fit everyone in means shooting all day… so not leaving enough time for all the other stuff. So, thank you for your patience for your photos, for your emails, for your encouragement. I am so thankful to get to be a part of so many of your amazing moments and capturing such wonderful seasons, and hopefully, even if I am a little behind, please know how thankful I am to get to use my camera for a living, and capture all your sweet faces!
Waddells, I mean.. how stink’en cute is your family. I just couldn’t stand it. When we met, I probably said how cute your family was a million time, and then again while editing through it all, I kept thinking.. oh my goodness.. just too cute. Hope you love these sweet little treasures, and thank you again for letting me be a part of giving you guys something to look back on. Such a privilege!!
Much joy!

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