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Hi friends,
Yesterday AP and I went to a event that focused on marriage and it was so awesome to be reminded of the things that couples can do to keep their marriage alive and healthy. Not to bore you with all of the items they went over, but the one I really loved was how couples need to always have fun together. Finding the things that you two can do together that all you to play together, laugh together, and just enjoy each others company. Often times individuals reach out to their fellow gender peers and they have more fun on a guys night or gals night and the reason is because they are doing something fun! So why not make sure you are doing something fun with your spouse. Also, I know in a day and age, where technology is in our faces non stop, and life gets busy, it is so important to take the intentional time to put the phone down, turn off the tv, and go outside and lay in a hammock together and just talk, grab a football and toss to one another, go on a bike ride, pull out a board game, something that gets you two out of the normal every day, and have fun together.
After hanging out with Tara and Judson, I have no doubt these two love having fun together. They wanted their session to be held at their favorite places to spend time in, and I loved getting a glimpse into a fun date night out for them.
Tara and Judson, thank you again for such a fun afternoon! You guys sure know how to have a fun date, and Im excited that you two will have so many more fun times for a lifetime.
Much joy,

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