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Hi Friends!!
I am so excited to share my very first post of 2016. Saying the words, 2016 is still a little surreal, as a photographer it seems when we book weddings we are living in the current year and planning on the next year simultaneously. So, when the year we were looking to is finally here, it definitely is a little surreal. It’s here… 2016 is going to be an incredible year, and I can’t wait to share whats in store in the coming posts.
But, to start, I am so excited that my very first post of the year of Candace and AD’s Daufuskie Island wedding. Planning a wedding alone is no easy feat. But, planning a wedding on a remote island where the only access is by a little water taxi or barge, brings a whole new wonderfully unique element to the planning. But, these two were sure of this beautiful little island being the place they would say their “I do’s” the moment they set their feet on the sandy grounds of Daufuskie. Its long dirt paths with beautiful oak canopies, with the ocean panoramic views, sweet southern charm, with access to around the island only by golf cart only opted to create the most perfect place for two people to get married.  it truly was a getaway of a lifetime, and entire time felt I needed to keep pinching myself to wake up for it might have just been a dream. But, it wasn’t!
I honestly have to admit its a little bittersweet for me to post this wedding because it means it time for me to let go of the images, and permanently let it be a memory. Not just the wedding itself, but I just loved Candace and AD, and their warm welcoming spirits and how they are two of the most wonderful individuals I have met. So, getting to capture the happiest days of their lives will forever be something I am thankful for, but sad that its time to let this amazing couple be a part of 2015.

There were so many incredible moments from their day, so I hope to let the photographs tell the story, and allow you a moment to escape under the oaks.

Candace and AD, I hope you two know you will always have a special place in mine and AP’s hearts.  We were overwhelmed by how you welcomed us and made us feel like family. There are so many incredible stories that we came home with- like riding on the golf cart with Candace’s grandparents and them sharing their love story with us, how AP and I got caught in the downpour on the other side of the island an hour before we were supposed to start shooting, how we got to talk with AD’s mom and dad on the water taxi ride home about how life was like in their home town in Alabama. So many amazing stories, that I am thankful to you both for giving us the chance to experience.
I hope you love these, and know how much I love being able to give you these wonderful little reminders of the stories that surrounded that beautiful day.
Much joy,

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