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Hi Friends!
As I shared in my last post, my biggest nemesis this season has been the weather! I have had so many days where we couldn’t tell what the weather was going to do. And going into a session, felt like, if we said it was going to rain, it wouldn’t, and if we said it wasn’t going to rain, it would. I can’t trust the weather report, and I certainly don’t trust the weathermen. I have had more sessions that I can count that we have gotten rained out while in the middle of the session, and we find ourselves running for cover. Which in some cases has been fun, but in some cases has been a big bummer. but, the coolest part about all of it are my amazing clients. They are ok with what they get, and happy to just have some time together, not matter how long, regardless of the weather! Truly the coolest clients I have!!
This sweet family is another one that has been on our blog many times!! We went back and forth on whether of not we should go for the session because the weather report kept going back and forth, but we decided, lets do it! We did get rained out, but I still feel like there were plenty of treasures despite that.

Fitzpaticks! So thankful for you guys! I have loved watching your adorable family grow and can’t believe its been a whole year already!! Loved celebrating the occasion and hope you love these as much as I did!
(despite the rain!)
much joy!
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