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Hi friends!
It is a dream of mine to have a home one day that at least one of our four girls will want to get married at. It would be so special to me that the home they got off the school bus too, made messes in, countless family dinners, just all the sweet countless memories that pour out of the walls of a home that you have grown up in, could also possibly be where they would get married. Truly this sentimental mama’s heart would be so overjoyed….just with the thought!
I was so excited to see the beautiful home and wedding venue for Tara and Roberts wedding. Tara was sharing with me how their family moved in when she was a wee kiddo, and as we walked around the property she would talk about her fond memories. And now, to add to her memories, she will be marrying her best friend. It was also a perfect spot for their engagement photos, and allowed me the opportunity to get well acquainted with their “venue”.
Tara and Bert, despite the crazy crazy heat, I had the blast hanging out with you both. It was such a treat getting to know you both a little better, and to see two sweet souls who are ready for some serious
“i do’s” in October!!!

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