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Hi friends!
Im sitting in my new living room with tons of moving boxes all over the place, and I think I just bear hugged the cable guy as he left because he hooked our house up to the outside world with one little wire. Theres been a ton going on with the move, and last week was really hard as we said good bye to our home for the last 7 years. But, slow and steady, we have been unpacking and coming back up for air, and opening my computer back up after a week actually felt so good. I have missed the normalcy of my work, and though my studio looks really different for the time being, the faces and couples and families brought so much familiarity.

Getting to blog this thursday afternoon is just so fun, and getting to share Cameron and Maddie’s wedding brings my heart such joy. I met Maddie over a quick FaceTime chat one evening. It was late one night, but it was the only time we could connect with both our schedules, and I was so glad I got on that call. Right away with Maddie you felt comfortable and just a ton of smiles. Getting to meet her in person at her wedding was no different, with a great big hug, and introductions to each of her “girls” she was so heartwarming. Shortly after meeting Cameron, you see his tall demeanor, but he is actually a great big teddy bear. Immediately thanking me for being there, and asking if there was anything he could do to help me. I know things that sound like should be common, but isn’t always. The two together, gave me the ease of feeling right at home! My favorite part of their day was before the ceremony, Cameron and Maddie wanted to exchange gifts and pray together, but do it while not seeing each other. So we put up one of Foxhalls beautiful shutters to separate them, and getting to watch these two talk, hold hands, exchange gifts, which cameron’s gift to maddie was a bracelet he made from a stone they had found together many years ago, he  had kept it and learned how to make it into bracelet and along with a journal he kept gave it to Maddie telling her how he knew she was going to be his wife. It was hard seeing through my camera lens at that point, but somehow I managed on capturing a few of such a sweet moment.
It was such an incredible day from beginning to end and they certainly did not disappoint by throwing one heck of party to celebrate these two finally saying “i do!”.

Cameron and Maddie, thank you for being so awesome. So wonderfully opened armed, so joyful, so gracious, for making AP and I feel so comfortable even despite the crazy heat, and for allowing us to share in telling your story.

much joy!

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This beautiful day would have not gone more perfectly or more smoothly without Marilisa from Martel Events and the amazing staff at Foxhall Resorts.


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