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a minted holiday card giveaway | atlanta lifestyle photographers


I am over the moon to share a fantastic giveaway with all of you today!  Every year my family has used






for our Holiday cards, and every year I get so many compliments. These cards make this photographer so happy


because I can not think of a better, more beautiful, way to share my pictures with the people I love. I mean it when I say they are all kinds of amazing, and with matching envelopes, their thick and luxurious paper, various color schemes and endless designs, you can create an beautiful card with just simply inserting your favorite family photo

. They will even address your envelopes for you!   We are so excited to partner with Minted and offer a $100 credit to one lucky winner, so if you are interested, all you have to do is 

click here, to fill out the entry form

 and “follow”






on instagram by November 13 at 11:59 pm and you will be entered to win the $100 gift credit and be the envy of all your friends and family… me!! 

a random winner will be chosen on November 14th! So stay posted for the announcement of our winner! Also! Check out our storefront to see our favorite designs! Happy Weekend Friends!

Ruffled Blog Feature | Atlanta Published Photographer

Hi Friends!!

I was so excited to see this gorgeous feature on Ruffled Blog! We had such an amazing time working with some super talented ladies in our industry and all of our models who were not models, but big hearted amazing ladies who gave us there time by playing in the flowers. Which isn’t so luxurious when the mosquitos, ants, and heat are in play. 🙂 

I promise to share more of the images, but until then, check out this darling blog and their lovely feature of our flower inspired shoot. 

Much joy!


Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 8.27.50 PM.png

Flowers: Boukates | Make up : Andrea Carter Artistry | Gowns : Kelly’s Closet

Yay! Our Winners!!! | Atlanta Photographer

It’s always a great day when we can give something away for free!!!! Whoohoo!!! Congratulations to Couple #1: DREW & MARGIE!! This couple is our Anniversary session winner!! We were blown away with how many of you took the time to vote for each one of our couples. We were overwhelmed with the response and believe us when we say our email was overflowing!! Thank you so much to everyone! It’s so nice to know you’re loved 🙂

Ok, now for Drew & Margie, we are so thrilled to make lots of fun plans with you both and we’ll be in touch really soon!!! But for now, feel free to jump for joy!! Even if you’re at work 🙂

Alea, Kim & Molly 


Finley Lavie is one!

Hi Friends!

I stared at this post for a little while. It’s not that I am short on words or that I don’t know what to say. Its more along the lines of reflection and wave of reality when I look back over the last year. It wasn’t in our plans to have a fourth baby, maybe one day, but definitely our hope would have been to have a little more time between the two that were just turning 3 and one just over one. We were at a point in parenthood where we felt a little maxed out already. SO adding one more to the mix, especially so soon, made my heart heavy with uncertainty. AP and I weren’t in a safe place, the pregnancy was really difficult, and I was exhausted. There were days I wanted to hide my head under a pillow and never leave. Or, some days, I wanted to just cry from the moment I woke up until I fell asleep. Still to this day its hard for me to say this out loud and admit this. Mostly because I consider myself as a happy person, as an optimistic person. The glass is always half full and I usually can see the positive in everything. It was a season where looking back now, I know God was trying to tell me, show me, and help me understand His faithfulness. I can remember hearing his soft whispers, “I am faithful.” But, when life has it’s harder moments, it is harder to hear. and even harder to believe. 

On July 12th at 6 in the morning, we headed to the hospital, nervous, excited, joyed with the anticipation of meeting our fourth baby girl. And when I laid eyes on this precious little lady, I heard God’s whisper… I. am. faithful. 

finley newborn.jpg

The last year as a family of six (with a 7, 3, 2, and newborn) has been the most challenging, hard working, messy, exhausting, and hands down the best year of my life. AP and I are the closest we have ever been in ten years of marriage, we’re a team, in love, the kind that embarrasses our kids, and makes them happy. Don’t worry, we still argue, but its the kind where at the end we can laugh and kiss and say i love you. Having four kids, though I was so afraid of what that looked like, has taught me not to take life so seriously, live each day as the blessing it is, and love, love, love and hug your sweet babies.This sweet baby girl with whom AP and I can look at her, and be so thankful for the “symbol” she is to our family. A symbol of God’s faithfulness. We gave finley the middle name “La Vie” to remind us, “life” and how God will breathe in a new life. YOU just have to be faithful. 

I cant imagine my life with out her. With every moment I see her sweet personality. In just these 364 days, I see a young lady who is warm and sweet. she is shy, and an observer. She is brave and incredibly smart. She’s a mama’s girl which I secretly love. She’s so funny. She is cuddley. She is serious yet is always smiling. We are just smitten with her, and thank God every day that He blessed our family with such an amazing little lady. 


Happy first birthday Finley Lavie. Mommy and Daddy and ALL your sisters love you immeasurably. 🙂 Thank you for being such a blessing to our lives. 

love love, 



Anniversary Shoot Contest Finalists | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

Hi Friends!! 

We are so excited to announce our three finalists for our styled anniversary shoot!  We were so honored to read all the love stories and it was incredibly difficult to pick just three from all the amazing couples who were all deserving of a shoot. SO, for all of you who entered, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your story with us. 

Now for the finalists and the instructions to get our winner!! We have left the final vote up to our readers mostly because we knew we wouldn’t have been able to choose! We have included each couple’s amazing love story and it is up to our readers to choose who they feel should get a styled anniversary shoot styled by the talented Molly McKinley! Readers will get to cast their vote one of two ways- send an email to info at with the couples name in the subject line OR like the couple’s picture on Facebook through Molly’s business page. We are leaving the voting period open for one week, and will accept votes until Thursday, July 18 at midnight. 

We hope you will enjoy each couples story and go make your vote!

much joy!

Alea, Kim, and Molly

meet Drew and Margie-

Drew and I’s “How We Met” was an incredible twist in fate. He was married, I was dating someone, and we didn’t meet (probably never would have) until his wife left him and my boyfriend left me to be with one another. A few weeks later Drew and I met for the first time and we never looked back. What was one of the hardest times in either of our lives has turned into six wonderful years together, a once in a lifetime adventure traveling around the world, an incredible marriage, and three months ago we welcomed into our lives the sweetest of baby boys, Shafer.

Two years ago this September we said our “I Do’s” on the front porch of my childhood home in Greensboro, Georgia. We were surrounded by our closest family and friends (all 300 of them ) and spent the night partying the night away in the truest of Drew & Margie style…laid back, lots of laughter, and nonstop dancing! 

Three years ago we started an event design company. I think we are deserving of this photo shoot because we spend our days helping other people create their own dream wedding with the hope that in 20 years the photos they have to look back on are fabulous and full of meaning. We absolutely love what we do! What an awesome chance this would be to re-celebrate the day in our own lives that means so much to us with this anniversary photo shoot!


meet Kacy and Lauren-

My husband and I are high school sweethearts.  We did not even go to the same high school but fate brought us together working at an after school job.  I was a cashier and he was a bagger.  We started dating about 2 months after meeting.  We continued dating through moving away for college and moving back home after graduation.  He proposed on our “9th anniversary” of dating.  He took me to a fancy restaurant, where I started to suspect something because he was acting somewhat nervous.  We went to a local park afterward, and while he was still nervous to ask, I put my hand on his lef, near his pocket and felt the box.  I immediately gasped and put my hand over my mouth.  He was left with no choice but to propose…and of course I said yes!  I am currently a hospice nurse and he is a Senior Airman in the Air National Guard.  Due to the date constraints of the Air Force, we did not get to have a big wedding as I so wanted.  We married at our church with 5 days notice and only the closest family members present. We haven’t really been able to get professional photos done and would really welcome this opportunity to have a personal, styled shoot! We are outgoing; love to travel, (especially cruising!) and we are both big movie buffs.  We love all the new Marvel movies, as well as action and comedies.  Thanks for the opportunity!


meet Lee and Anna-

Lee at I met at an engagement party for mutual friends.  We were in college and spent the majority of their party talking about flag football.  We went on our first date two weeks later.  We dated for 15 months when Lee proposed.  He took me for a day trip to Camp Laney (his favorite place on Earth) and we spent the day outside-hiking,exploring, etc.  We hiked down to an area called “The Brow,” and he pulled out a magazine and said there was an ad he wanted me to look at–one his company designed.  It was a picture of two people hiking, with the word “journey” written across the top and multiple definitions of the word journey.  The last line read “I love you, Anna.  Will you marry me?”  Six months later, we got married!  I loved our wedding–it was simple, just like us.  We are coming up on our ninth anniversary and the past 5.5 years have been spent raising children.  It is such a fun stage of life, but having three kids ages 5 and under (and one on the way) makes it tough to keep our marriage a priority.  I would love to have photos of just us to commemorate what established our family.  I am the only girl Lee has ever said “I love you” to and that is truly an honor.  I would be thrilled to have pictures with the man I love and the man I will grow old with.


CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! | Atlanta Lifestyle Photographer

contest announcement.jpg

Oh boy oh boy oh boy, am I ever excited about this one! There are giveaways and then there are GIVEAWAYS, and this falls into the latter camp. We are partnering with Molly McKinley–the very same planner/designer extrodinaire who worked with us on this adorable wedding featured in SMP –and we’re giving one reader an anniversary photo session shot by us, styled by Molly, completely free! 
Since we are in the business of celebrating love, we wanted to do something extra special for couples who have already said their “i do’s”.  We want to honor those of you who have been working hard at marriage and the epic promise you made to the person you committed your heart to! There are a unique set of challenges and triumphs that can only be shared by those of you who have made a lifetime commitment to another person. There will be days that are great, and then there will days that require an extra dose of patience, compromise, and sometimes just saying sorry even though it might not have been your fault. Being the true example of what it really means to being there… for better or worse. 

As someone who has been married for almost 10 years ( this September, whoo hoo!), I can personally testify to how marriage is something you have to work for every single day. You have to make a conscious effort to falling in love with each other daily. How easy it is to get stuck in the mundain of the every day…the not so romantic sides of life- work, groceries, dishes, in my case, diapers (4 kids worth), mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, finances, leaving the toilet seat down, folding laundry… oh the list .  Its all about how you two decide to approach all these day to day things and while still trying to tell your love through it all.

One of my favorite books is written by a husband and wife, John and Stasi Eldrigde called “Love and War“.  The book  begins with their obvious confession: Marriage is fabulously hard. And the continue to describe how, “We live in a great love story, set in the midst of war.” Its one of my favorite visuals to the promise I feel I made. I know its hard, but because its hard, its that much more amazing. 

So, all that said, we want to celebrate your love story!! We want to celebrate all your hard work, all you two have accomplished together. So, we are happy to announce the giveaway of all giveaways. Got you excited?? well, we hope you will join us! here are the details! 

This contest is open to any couple who will be available in the Atlanta area.  You must haven been married for at least a year.  The prize will be an inspired by you, styled by Molly McKinley Designs, one-hour photo shoot captured by Alea Moore Photography and you will receive a DVD of all your images. Pretty fabulous, right!?

1. We want to hear your story!  Email me at info @ in 250 words or less either how you two met or how he proposed and what your wedding was like. And most importantly, we would also love to hear why you two deserve a session. Make sure that in the Subject Line of your email you put “Photoshoot Giveaway”  and then both your names (eg. Photoshoot Giveaway: Julie & Jason) or your entry might not be included.
2. Please also include a brief sentence or two about your personal style and tastes so that we can start thinking about how we’ll style your photo shoot if you win (eg. “we both like bright colors, the beach and picnics, and quirky movies”). 
3. Also make sure to attach a photo of the two of you together.
4. Leave us a comment below this post telling us how much you love us. (i mean who doesn’t love hearing that.)
4. “Like” Alea Moore and Molly Hunt McKinley on Facebook.
5. Follow @aleamoore, @kimlindsay, and @mollymckdesigns on instagram and twitter
I know this is a lot to do, but we promise it will be worth it!
The submission period ends Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 12 midnight.  Any emails received after then will not be entered into the contest.  Then from there we will review each story received and pick our three favorites, and then post them here on the blog and Facebook for the world to see on Tuesday, June 27, 2013.  At this point, the contest is in the hands of blogland.  Readers will have one week to vote for their favorite story by “liking” the couple of their choice’s post on Facebook, or by emailing me at with the couples’ name as the Subject Heading (i will repost how to vote when we get to that stage).  The winner will be emailed and announced here on the blog no later than Friday, July 1, 2013.
ok! Ready? Thinking caps…ON!
Good luck!

On to Baby with my Harkers!!

Hi Friends!

So thrilled for this feature of my sweet Harker belly session on On to Baby today!! This is one of my favorite blogs to visit for expecting parents, for those of you who already have your new bundle, or even if you just love everything about babies! So many lovely things like nursery decor, baby shower ideas, and of course amazing photography! So, to have one of my darling families feature surely made this ladies day! 

Much joy!


Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 4.09.27 PM.png

happy birthday loa!

Hi Friends! 

Over the weekend my baby girl turned 8. I was a little stunned when Loa asked me if I would take some “I’m 8 years old now” photos. Mostly because my girls typically run the opposite direction when I bring out the Ol’ cam-er-a. I was so tickled that it was something special to her. 

SO, off we went to find an aqua wall (her choice) and hand full of confetti (my idea) and after some fun wind blowing, laughing so hard, we took some of my favorite images of loa to date. 

This is my beautiful eight year old. my heart.

She never meets a stranger. So curious about life. always smiling. Loves Jesus. would play outside from the moment the sun comes up to the sun goes down. will hold my hand in public. dreams big. is sweeter than sugar. beautiful. laughs at everything. so grateful and kind. she’s my darling girl.

happy birthday loa!!! love you so!

happy love week!

hi friends!

I know valentines day can come with all of its slightly cliche commercial ways of celebrating the holiday. box of assorted chocolates (wouldn’t mind them) dozen roses (well, who doesn’t like flowers?), pink and red hearts everywhere!! Well I have four girls, so it is inevitable. But how can I not love the spirit of it! I am all about telling all the people I love that I love them. So I thought why not share it in a super cute, yes a little girlie, but definitely conveys the message. Plus I got to take some photos of this cute little munchkin!

Happy love week friends! Know you are loved!!!

Much joy!


Eugenia Couture, Jasmine Couture, and Anjolique.

Hi friends!!

I am so thrilled to finally be able to share these photos from our stylized shoot with the fabulous Wedding Angels. It was such a joy to collaborate with them and their gorgeous dress line by Eugenia Couture, Jasmine Couture, and Anjolique. I loved this shoot because we worked with some of the most beautiful ladies, who weren’t models I may add, but my oh my still ROCKED the camera!


enjoy the fabulous!!


make up done by Viola. Location- Stowers Farm Dawsonville, Ga