Cheryl’s Birthday

Hi Friends!!!
Happy Happy Tuesday!!!
you to all of you who have been soo incredibly awesome and encouraging
during our new face lift! I LOVED hearing from so many new and old
friends, and even some friends I haven’t met yet!! We had a blast
getting all your answers to our first contest day, and though I wish I
could give ALL of you prizes and hugs for sending in your answers, Kim
is only allowing me to give one prize!!

The winner for
Monday’s question was Priscilla J.!! Your speedy and correct answers won
you one of Alea’s favorites! We will be delivering you 3 kitties
through the mail! JUST KIDDING!!! How about a dozen cupcakes from the
fabulous “The Little Cake Bakery”. Super delicious and happy little
treats perfect for a prize!

those of you who were wondering, the correct answers where!
Alea Loves- cupcakes, traveling, kitties,
family and hair bows.
Kim Loves-
salad, mini, colby, scrafs, doughnuts.
For those of you who
answered and didn’t make it in time you can totally try it again every
day the rest of the week!

For those of you who
are indulging us in our game, ready for question #2!?? Now remember, as
the week progresses the questions will get a little harder, but we
promise the prize will get better and better! Also, don’t forget our
on-going funniest blog stalker name. Just post below your funny
name!! We’ll be picking our fav at the end of the week!

you ready!!?? First person to email
the correct answers will get a prize!
Trivia Question # 2!!

Who was featured in our very
first publishing in the Spring/summer 2008 issue of the knot?

Last on the agenda, we were so excited to be included in a surprise birthday party!! One of our favorite blog reader’s threw her mom an amazing birthday party and invited us to crash! Katie and Sarah threw their mom a lovely party with blackberry margaritas, scrumptious cheesy biscuits and shrimp boil and even though we didn’t get to try we could smell how delicious it was! This party was super special for us because we’ve had the opportunity to attend lots of birthday’s but this was our very first Surprise party!! It was awesome watching Cheryl’s face when she walked in the door and realized she was being caught on camera!

Katie, Sarah and Cheryl, Thank you so much for allowing us to crash your party with our big cameras but I’m hoping the photos will remind you of what a special occasion you were celebrating!!

much joy!


  1. iwishiwasaphotoninjalikeyouguys says:

    The pictures are amazing. The blog is amazing. And I love trivia week! It gives me even more reason to stalk y’alls blog!

  2. photo lovers anonymous says:

    Happy Birthday Cheryl

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