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Is it already Friday? Well, we just wanted to drop in really quick before we head out of town for Hannah and Chas North Carolina wedding to give you yesterday’s AMP Trivia results and also give you the final question for the week!! Before we start, we must add the disclaimer that this post is a collaborative project between us on Kim’s iphone while stuck in 85 traffic (no texting and driving we promise) so if there are crazy typos, please forgive 🙂 First, yesterdays answer!! Which bride broke out of the norm and walked down the aisle to Bauhaus, Bela Lugosis Dead? It was Teresa!! Their fabulous wedding took place on Halloween, and we adored her original wedding! Her and Steve also had these amazing hummingbird cupcakes with little skeletons all around them!! They were way too cool 😉 And who knew Teresa was our out of the box bride? Ashley Driver!! Yay for Ashley and her special treat is one of our awesome Antebellum frames!! And for everyone else, here is the final question for the week. This is a big one and a super toughy! How about I start of by telling you the prize first to get you pumped!
The winner of our question will receive a free session with us!!!
Are you excited!!?? Ok here we go!

 Trivia Question # 5
How many weddings have we blogged about since our very first blog post in September 2007?

Email us your answer to info@aleamoore.com and we promise to give the results on Monday!! Oh and don’t forget to share your funny blogstalker names with us! Just make a comment on any of our posts and the funniest name will get a great treat on Monday as well!! Have a great weekend!!

Alea and Kim

  1. Shari says:

    Love the new blog! Bloggy Stalkerson or “Rita Lottablogs”

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