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Hi Friends!
Kim and I are packing up for a fabulous wedding in Decatur this evening, but before we go, I wanted to leave you with some gorgeous images of Lee and Ashley’s wedding from a couple weekends ago. We loved their wedding because the day seemed to embody the couples styles very precisely: the first part of the day and ceremony were full of class and southern tradition; The second part of the day embodied a more modern feel with a reception on the 28th floor of the 999 Building in The Peachtree Club. The wedding was fabulously coordinated by Ashley Baber which means it was absolutely flawless and stunning. She is another wedding professional that makes me smile because she acts more like friends on your wedding day,and is so welcoming and warm to ease every nervous bride and groom.  They are more than someone who is working really hard to make your wedding perfect, they are a friendly face. 
I would have to say that the show stopper for me at this wedding was the awesome Grooms Cake which was styled in the shape of bacon, eggs, and waffles…which I remind you was all made of cake. The smell of maple syrup just fumed off of it as you walked passed it. It was awesome, and absolutely perfect for a couple who works for Waffle House. 
Ashley and Lee, you both are so awesome. Your warm hearts and contagious smiles leave everyone around feeling good about themselves, and we were just so grateful to be a part of a day that included all your closest family and friends. thank you….
Much joy,
  1. Sarah Ann Wade-Sangrigoli says:

    Ashley, your mom gave me this wesite to see your pictures. They are wonderful and heartfelt.
    You and Lee make a great couple. Congratulations!

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