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Hi friends!!

I hope everyone is enjoying this rainy but not so rainy day. For Kim and I, it feels like “finals week” in college, but it seems to be lasting a couple months.  haha. well, i am glad that I am at least not pulling any more all nighters. though maybe I should to get caught up! haha!

I am so thrilled to share the photos from this gorgeous shoot.  I got an email a few months back from this very enthusiastic couple.  Their emails to me seemed like they were singing! “Your photography is perfect, just what we want, we better have you at our wedding!” I mean how can that not sing sweet nothings to every photographer!!  I could tell immediately how cute they are, and sitting over coffee our first meeting took nearly 2 hours of just great conversation.   They’re playful, romantic, and so happy in love that photographing them was easy, and with this warm autumn light my heart jumps at every photo! 

Jacey and Alex, you guys are awesome!! I am so lucky to have met you both!  You two are really amazing people and I’m so honored to document this journey for you!  Can’t wait for your wedding!

  1. Jacey Evans says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH ALEA!!! I can’t believe you put them up so quickly! When I opened your blog and saw our names I held my breath! haha
    We are so honored and thrilled that you and Kim are our photographers 🙂 … Alex and I had so much fun that day, and like we talked about – I definitely have a few favorties above 😉 haha!
    Thankyou so much for your sweet words and your talent! Can’t wait to see ya’ll on April 16!!
    Love, Jacey

  2. Great shoot + I love her poppy dress! Cute couple!

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