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Hi friends!!

Happy Tuesday!! I hope everyone is gearing in for a fabulous thanksgiving holiday! I am so ready to mow down on some turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie while watching my hubs cheer on some good ol’college football. It’s gonna be great. Just gotta gear up for the 6 hour drive home, so wish us luck! 

During the break however, kim and I promise to try to keep blogging, as we know so many of you are anticipating your sneak peek! Our new blog has a scheduling feature that we haven’t taken advantage of, so we will be testing out this awesome feature! Hopefully it will work and send out a new blog every day even though we won’t actually be pressing the post button. They will magically appear when I set the timer too! 😉 So, we are filling the blog full, so stay posted!!

First on the list, I am so thrilled to share and introduce to you Kate and Wes. This couple put a huge smile on my face the first moment I met them!I love how they laugh together and how much they adore each other. I could instantly feel their connection and see how happy they make each other, and me too, while getting to hang out with them. 

Kate and Wes, your wedding is going to be awesome because the thought of getting to spend a whole day with you guys makes me smile, and I am just honored to be a part of it. so thank you for the privilege! hope you love your sneak peek!



  1. kate says:

    alea- you are a pure joy to be around. You have a wonderful talent. We are the lucky ones to have found you. We love them. Xoxo, Kate

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