Jessyca + Jared

My favorite part of the day is when I’m sitting and  working on my couch
and my cat Mr. Jett finds a cozy spot on my feet and curls up nice and
perfectly round to keep me warm! I love being loved 🙂

of love! Jessica and Jared are totally in LOVE! They have actually been
married for I think almost 5 years and just decided they needed some
fun, lovey photos together! The sweetest thing was when I found out that
Jared wanted some shots of Jessyca by herself. He needed a new favorite
photo of her for his desk!! I love it!

Jessyca and Jared, I am
so happy that I got to meet the two of you! It’s always so much fun to
spend time with happy people in love!! It reminds me that I have the
best job in the world 🙂



  1. Megan says:

    Jessyca—The pictures turned out SO GOOD!!!! I know you love them!!! She did such a good job! What a BEAUTIFUL spot….the gorgeous leaves and the beautiful sun beaming through!!! Really Pretty!!!

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