Courtney + Brian

I am declaring that it is OFFICIALLY SPRING!!! Have you been outside today? I don’t care what the weatherman says is coming and I don’t care that it’s still February, spring has sprung!! I give you all permission to run and tell all of your friends! And in honor of this beautiful spring day, I’m so excited to share Courtney and Brian’s wedding!!!
Alea and I laugh because all but one time that we have been to Augusta for a wedding, we have been to this amazing church! The First Christian Church is so beautiful and filled with rich history all the way back from 1835 and if you know me at all, you know I love a good geeky history tour! I haven’t had the time to get one here yet, so maybe I’ll get it next time 🙂 
With all the tradition and love flying around the day, one of my favorite things that truly gave me chills was the ringing of the bells in the bell tower as Courtney and Brian walked out the church doors together. They were so loud and clear that I just know all of Augusta knew someone was just married! It was so awesome and I would LOVE that job of pulling the rope every Saturday after a wedding!! haha!! Maybe that can be my backup gig 🙂
Courtney and Brian, It was a spectacular day for a spectacular couple! You two have been amazing to work with all along the way and we are so happy for your marriage! Alea and I are both thrilled to share these photos with you and can’t wait to share the rest! We promise there are so many more!! Happy day to you both!!

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