Tommy is Two!

Hi friends! It’s finally that day of the week that everybody dreams about (starting on Monday)! For me though, this week has flown by! Working by myself has it’s perks, I can work in my pj’s, eat ice cream for lunch and no one will know, OH and listen to only Glee songs over and over all day long……. Wait Alea and I do all those things anyway! Now that I think about it, working by myself is no fun at all!!! :):) Even though I am missing Alea for a few weeks, I wanted to thank all of you for sending her your sweet notes and well wishes!! OH and thank you all for being so sweet to me!! You’re all the best!! Elin Mims is SOOO sweet and Alea’s camera has definitely been on fire this week!! I can’t wait for her to share some photos because I know you’re all going to ooooo and aahhhh!! 
Ok, on to some photos!!! Tommy is TWO!! and one awesome thing about our job is seeing our favorite kidos year after year get bigger and bigger!! To see them start walking and talking, well in Tommy’s case running!! He has grown into such a little boy and he even brought a few friends along this time! On one of the nicest days of the year so far, Tommy and his family met me at a fun little park near the Chattahoochee. We ran, played some ball, and were lucky enough to see and feed some ducks! Isn’t being a kid awesome!!


  1. Greta says:

    Thanks. They are awesome. Can’t wait to see the rest . . . G.

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