Happy Birthday to Mimmy!!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Kimmy!! I wanted to take a quick moment to publicly tell the world how much I love my best friend and what a gorgeous amazing person she is!! Kimmy, your heart is the biggest I know, and there isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t make me feel loved which i am so grateful for, and can only hope I even begin to show you!! Thank you for being my best friend, my cheerleader, my partner in photography crime, the person who comes over and loves on my girls when i am flu ridden, trying to teach me how to have taylor swift curls then to realize straight hair is better, you love me and my horrible twilight obsession, allow me to take a month off and manage our whole studio by yourself, which is rockstar-riffic!! So much more I could list, but for the sake of blogging to sum up… we are so grateful to have you as the auntie mims!! You are truly such a blessing to me and my family, and Im not just talking about the amazing photos you take!! 😉

I know this year is going to bring you big amazing things, and I am more than honored to be a part of watching what God has in store for you!! 

Happy happy birthday sweet friend!!!


all the ladies, and AP!!! 


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