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Just to let you know, I’m sitting here drinking the best strawberry, banana smoothy I’ve ever had and I highly recommend that all of you go out and get yourself one 😉 It’s my own special recipe and I’m happy to share if anyone’s interested!! And as I’m enjoying my smoothy, I can’t help but think of how lucky Alea and I are!! We have one of the most fabulous jobs in the world, we get to work with each other and we even still want to go have lunch together on our days off! That’s sayin’ something!! (i’m just sayin’) And on top of all that gloriousness, we have the BEST clients!! I don’t know if it’s just that weddings and photos make people super happy or if we’re just lucky but whatever the reason, It’s awesome!!

Our latest couple of happy people just happen to be Lauren & Steve!! Their sunny Friday afternoon wedding went off without a hitch and I think the two of them were smiling the entire day and night! Lots of love, lots of family and friends, lots of good food and drinks (and a pretty cool dj) is the best mixture for a celebration!! We were definitely happy to see all the ingredients were used 🙂

Lauren & Steve, It was so funny seeing you both at the park the other week and I’m SO happy to be able to share some of our favorite photos with you!! Seeing your happy faces again after your wedding day, out of your fancy clothes and away from all your guests just reminded me that our couples are so much more than our brides and grooms. You’re two people taking evening walks and sharing your days with each other. Loving life while starting your new lives together and we are so happy to be a part of it all!!



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