Shelly + Mark

After a totally selfish and indulgent evening of a Glee marathon and HOURS of scanning Pinterest for something perfect :), I’m now completely inspired to tear up my kitchen floors and replace them with black and white checkered tiles, buy $15 (EACH) cabinet knobs for my 28 cabinet doors and drawers, paint my walls tiffany blue all while singing Justin Beber’s Baby at the top of my lungs! And you might be wondering why I’m writing this blog on a Sunday night…. well, because we’ve got to keep up with our blogging schedule!!! hahaha!!! That is totally the truth and I know Alea shared with you that our photoing is overflowing so I got’s to do what I got’s to do to keep up!! (That’s the Santana coming out in me) (watch Glee:)

Now everyone say it together, On to the photos!! 🙂 Shelly and Mark are our Rock Star couple 🙂 I know we say it a lot because we have a lot of couple that rock,…. but Shelly and Mark really do! Their first dance song was my all time favorite!! Motley Crue was the song of choice and I loved it when they sang the chorus to each other!! It was a total rock star move! Our day was spent oooing and ahhhing over the St. Regis Hotel, where the ceremony and reception took place, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much beauty and elegance in one hotel! All you really needed for a wedding was to drop a bride and groom down right in the middle of it all but Shelly and Mark went ahead and added their special touches to make it over the top! And I think the 5 layer cake was all the way over the top!! (another rock star move 🙂

Shelly and Mark, thank you both so much for being the best! I feel like we’ve had a little adventure over the past year and getting to know you both has been a blast!! I hope your photos bring smiles to your faces and never forget to always freestyle it!!



  1. Mark Anderson says:

    I am in pretty much stunned silence/happiness at how well these turned out! Great job guys, I can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. Shelly says:

    You did such a great job capturing the essence of our wedding! Thank you!

  3. Amanda Gray says:

    These pictures are absolutely stunning. A job well done once again Alea and Kim 🙂 It was so great to see you guys! Hopefully we’ll see you at another wedding next year 😉

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