Kara + Jeff

Hi friends!!

Happy thursday!! So excited for the holiday weekend!! We have a couple weddings that are going to be amazing, and lots of fun!! Then it will be firework time!! So, a busy faun weekend ahead of us!! 😉

Im so thrilled to introduce you to the adorable Kara and Jeff. Sorry Jeff, as I am sure most guys LOVE to be called adorable. But, rather the two of you as a couple are super adorable!! We had a blast running around downtown, jumping around old train cabooses, playing in tall ivy and making some ant friends, and getting busted by the “this is our building you should ask” police. But all and all a very successful meeting!! 

Kara and Jeff, I really had a blast with you both. And genuinely mean it when i say I am sad to have to have to wait until November to hang out with you both again!! Have an absolutely wonderful summer, and enjoy the photos!



  1. Kara says:

    Yay! Yay! Yay! I am sooooo excited!! Love them!!!

  2. Anna H. says:

    Gorgeous, Kara!!! SRED misses you! Awesome pics as always Alea!!!

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