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Hi Friends!!!

Man, i tell ya, i have been trying to get to this blog all day, but Kim and I had 3 shoots and 3 meetings today, so needless to say, our day was super full considering I am just now getting to sit down and eat a sandwich!! A great long day!!! 

I am so thrilled to finally be sharing with you Melissa and Josh’s gorgeous vineyard wedding!!! Their wedding was at the breathtaking Monteluce, and I have to say, when Kim and I drove up to this venue, my heart just pounded with excitement, and I can’t believe what an absolutely stunning venue this was. Tucked away in the GA mountains is this little taste of Tuscany, Italy. The tall cypress trees, stucco architecture, and beautiful vineyards that stretch as far as I can see, just left a pitter patter of joy all through my heart! 

Now to only make this better, Melissa and Josh, were just the most wonderful couple. They welcomed Kim and I with such open arms, and sweet compliments that I wanted to stay around them forever because of how good they made me feel!!! On top of that, they were gorgeous, so incredibly sweet to each other, and made me tear up as they said their vows. All and all a impressing day. 

Melissa and Josh, thank you and wow. I really don’t have a better, more perfect way to sum up your wedding. I smiled from the time we got there to the time we left. It was such a privilege to be a part of such an amazing day, thank you for letting us take you down a long gravel road and play in the rain. I hope the photos make you swoon and melt because I tell you, i did just that getting to spend the day with you both!!!

much joy!!!!


Oh and a huge shout out to mimi walden who did an incredible job on your flowerings, and to the frosted pumpkin who made the coolest cake i have seen to date!!

  1. Melissa Minore says:

    Alea and Kim: I never thought photographs did a wedding justice until I saw these. What a wonderful decision I made in such talented and caring photographers. We will cherish these forever. Thank YOU for making it such a wonderful day to remember. You will always hold a special place in our hearts and we may be bringing our little ones to you one day 🙂 Love you girls!
    Mel and Josh

  2. Amy Walls says:

    That was beautiful!! I felt like I was there!! Still want to know who caught the bouquet, couldn’t tell from the pics. I know you all will have a lifetime of happiness together….. -Amy

  3. Ashley Nolan says:

    I LOVE these pics-Gorgeous! Fabulous job as usual girls!

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