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Hi friends!!!

Wowzas, my to do list for the day is just blowing up!! Trying to stay focused and knock it out!!! So, two fold I am thrilled to be sharing this post because one it knocks out one of my to-do list items and two because I am thrilled to share the photos from this esession. Kyle and Annette are my homies. About a year ago, I met both of them (before they were together) when A.P. and I went to Haiti for the earthquake relief. Getting to meet them individually then,  and crete some great friendships and then learn a few months later that they had started dating, and then after that learn they were engaged, my heart pitter pattered because they truly are perfect for each other. It was like an epiphany, kyle and annette!!! The best match ever!!!!! So, I am super thrilled I get to be a part of their wedding with the extraordinary honor of photographing their day, and even cuter my hubs is a groomsman in their wedding!!! Love my man in a suit! (side note). 

But just to show you how cool this couple is, they allowed me to photograph them at one of those incredibly awesome pop up carnivals!! eeeeee!!! BE excited!!! 

Kyle and Annette, thank you for such a fun afternoon!! I don’t think I will ever forget cotton candy clumps and trying to catch you guys while riding the carousel!! I lot more difficult of a task then it looked like it would be!! That was awesome!!! can’t wait for the wedding guys!!!!! 



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