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Hi friends!

I’m not sure about you, but this week has certainly been going at warp speed, similarly to the entire year. As Kim, so eloquently shared, my birthday was on tuesday. Which to be completely honest, I am total grump on my birthdays. Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating other peoples birthdays, but my own, I would rather be cleaning. But, this year was a little bit of an exception. My sweet friends, one by one, showed up every hour with a bundle of flowers so, that by the end of the day my entire house was covered in flowers. At one point, we found ourselves laughing cause I almost didn’t know where to put them! It was an incredible treat, and warmed this girl’s heart fully. 
The next day, I celebrated my 8th wedding anniversary with my sweet husband, so you could only imagine how fast yesterday flew by, just as fast as the last 8 years. It has been an incredible journey with an amazing man, that I consider myself blessed to even know, and I get to share my life and a journey together. pretty awesome. 
OK! Thank you for letting me ramble about the past couple days! I am back to reality, and my gynormously huge to-do list that makes me feel cross eyed. So, my answer to that list is one thing at a time, so now to my sweet dear friends, Kyle and Annette!! 
I think my husband described this wedding best when he said, “this wedding is a complete reflection of Kyle and Annette: understated elegance” The Vecoma, a lovely rustic location, in the heart of Stone Mountain, GA was the perfect location for their romantic evening ceremony and reception. One of my favorite moments from the day was the few seconds before Annette walked down the aisle, as she waited on the top of the hill, with the glow on the sunlight illuminating her slightly.. the anticipation was palpable and the setting was gorgeous and romantic, it was a moment that took my breath away and i feel so lucky to have witnessed it. 
But briefly, I have to mention my semi least favorite moment was getting stuck out on the jetty as it began to down pour. I was completely in disbelief because in six years and 100’s of weddings, I have never been stuck in a down pour with the bride and groom outside!! I say it was my semi least favorite because with the rain we got some of the most amazing photos unlike anything we have been able to get before!!
Annette and Kyle, wow, what do I say. I am so grateful. What a special opportunity you guys gave me, and my favorite part about it all was getting to spend time with you both and getting to know you both even better. Your wedding is definitely one for the books- with the rain storm, getting soaked, umm, king of pops, getting to watch my sweet hubs be a groomsmen, the most awesome first dance I have ever witnessed in my life, cupcakes, and getting to put on my own dancing shoes and dance with you guys during the reception. The best night ever. 
Thank you guys, and hope you love these photos!!!
much JOY,
  1. Vanessa says:

    They look like they are absolutely IN LOVE with one another! I went to HS with Anette- she is a stunning bride. Congrats!!!

  2. Great photos from an awesome wedding! I love the photos down by the river and in the mist! 🙂

  3. Anna H. says:

    GORGEOUS! Great photos, incredible setting!

  4. Ashley Nolan says:

    I LOVE these! Too many great shots to have a favorite! So happy for you guys!

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