Michelle + Scott

Hi friends!!

I am so thrilled to share Michelle and Scott’s wedding. This couple was truly awesome, and my absolute favorite part of the day was Michelle’s contagious laugh. I have to say when we left, I got quite the ego boost from spending the day with these two because Michelle would introduced Kim and I to all her guests as the most awesome photographers in the world!! That’s a pretty amazing compliment for sure!!! 

My second favorite part of the day was during their ceremony, they had set up the chairs in a circle, so they were the center, which was incredibly awesome, and when Michelle walked down the aisle by herself, Scott met her, which definitely made me tear up. A very wonderful moment for sure! 

Michelle and Scott, I love you guys!! Really, you both are just so awesome. I can’t say it enough. Your joy left me feel so happy through the day, and carried me through the next week, so thank you!! We hope these photos are representative of the best photographers in the world!! 😉



  1. Ryan Brady says:

    Beautiful pictures! Once again, congratulations Scott & Michelle. It was a fabulous time! I especially love the picture with Grandpa in it. I can just hear grandma now, ” Armond, go out there and get their picture, have one of the kids show you how to the camera first”
    p.s. Have to edit the picture with my bald spot!!
    Love, Ryan & Cori

  2. Michelle Milder says:

    I think these pictures fully justify my statement, that you ladies really are awesome photographers! Knowing that both you and Kim were capturing all our memories for us to enjoy for years to come helped make mine and Scott’s day relaxing, worry free, and AMAZING!

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