Abby + Dave

I have been waiting to post this wedding for almost a year 🙂 
Well, we haven’t had the pictures for THAT long but when Alea and I met Abby for coffee so, so long ago we just knew her wedding,…. and her groom were going to be fabulous! Every time we spoke she had joy in her voice and every email we exchanged made me literally laugh out loud! In the early summer I got to spend the afternoon with Abby and Dave for their esession and I loved every minute of it. They laughed and played and had exactly the kind of fun I hope for all of our couples when they hang out with us! There’s no better feeling 🙂
When their wedding approached, Abby shared with us that she had a little surprise for Dave. She had arranged a super cool get away vehicle for her groom. Now it’s not uncommon for our brides to surprise their grooms with a vintage Rolls or maybe the Ramblin’ Rex for our Ga Tech boys but nothing beats a HELICOPTER get away!! It was the coolest thing I’ve ever been apart of at a wedding and I think it might be hard to top! But that was in 2011…. I’m just waiting to see what’s to come for 2012 🙂
Abby & Dave, Everything about your day was awesome!! Even more exciting than your get away was seeing how much the two of you laugh and love each other. Alea, Katy and I had a blast spending the day with you both and are just over joyed to share your photos with you!! We hope so much this blog starts your year off right and we can’t wait to share more!!

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