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Yay! It’s Friday!! So to leave you with a super sweet treat for the weekend, we’re sharing the Lay family!! Joni is our dear sweet friend from Chocolate Butterbean! Super talented and we promise when you check out her stuff, you’ll be addicted! I was so excited to spend the afternoon with her and her family at the park and once we got a smile out of cute little Vivi, we were home free. But she didn’t stop with a smile, Vivi and her 1000 different expressions just made my day!! And to top it all off, her cheeks! SO CUTE!!!!!
Chip, Joni & Vivi, I am so excited to share your photos with you and I hope so much that they make you smile as much as they have made me! Your family is absolutely adorable and Alea and I are just overjoyed to be able to share this season of your life with you! Have a fantastic weekend!!
Kim & Alea
  1. Joni says:

    Alea and Kim! These are amazing! I love them so!! I can’t stop laughing looking at all these pictures of Vivi. So truly sweet. Thank you so much for working with us – we are so excited about these photos!! Love love love.

  2. Kitty Lay says:

    These pictures are fantastic! You have captured them ALL so well, and I love the setting. I wish I could have been there to see Vivi when she was first place down in the tall grass :-). Excellent photography!

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