my baby girl is one.

Hi Friends!!

It is really hard to believe how fast an entire year goes by. How much can change in a year. When you think of it from the first year of a child, it truly is amazing. From the entering of a world, to the first time the hold your finger, to their first smile, to their first laugh, from rolling over, to sitting up, to crawling, to standing. Their amazing little personality and getting the first glimpse of who this little person is going to be. From the sweet little baby soft hair, to a full head of curly blonde hair. Wondering what color eyes they will have, to seeing these bright blue eyes that captivate your soul. To the very hilariously funny things they do, to watching them figure out how to open, close, lift, push, to being absolutely determined to accomplish their goal! This once very itty bitty squishy little person is now a beautiful, smart, loving little person. All in the course of a year. 

My sweet little Elin Mims, my heart is captivated by you, your sweet smile. What a very special day your first birthday is to me. I held you first, and I will never forget you looking straight into my eyes as if knowing this is exactly where you belonged. And even now, when you put your head on my shoulders and snuggle in my arms, I am honored that God allowed me to have you. Happy happy birthday my sweet little one. My birthday wish is that you always know how much you are loved by your family, by all our wonderful friends, and most importantly by God. And by knowing that, you feel you can conquer anything. 

love, love, love you. happy first birthday, 


elin 1b.jpg

elin 1.jpg

love your captivating smile. 

  1. Lindsey Dowling says:

    How my gosh how adorable! I love………..this picture of her so cute!!!!!!!

  2. Katy Lockhart says:

    Awww, how lovely!!! Happy Birthday, sweet Elin Mims!!!

  3. Anna H. says:

    Those EYES!!!!! Happy birthday sweet Elin!

  4. Katy McG says:

    What an adorable picture!!! She really is a sweet baby sunshine every time I see her!

  5. Jake Dowling says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever thought she looked like Loa! She’s such a sweetie!

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