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Hi Friends!
A wonderful Tuesday to all of you! Those of you may probably already know, but I am a mom to three very precious little ladies. It is definitely something that brings us a lot of attention, sometimes good, or sometimes that person who is in awe that we have not only three children, but also that we have THREE girls. We love it. It definitely is something I am incredibly proud of and excited that I get to raise little women. Three very strong willed, beautiful, independent, but loving women!! 

All that to say, when I go to weddings where the bride is one of many sisters, it truly just makes me smile from ear to ear. Im not sure if it is getting to see the sister dynamic or the relationship between the dad and the daughters which always melts my heart, or just simply how awesome it is that every gal is really different, but something about them makes it undeniable that they are part of the same family. Its a really happy thought.  And the past three weddings we have been to have been where the families were made up of three or more daughters.  Beth is one of FIVE daughters. So, it was such a delight to watch this sweet family! And on the other side, Tyler was one of four boys! They were some of the most awesome families I have been a part of in a while. 

Beth and Tyler were married at the lovely antebellum home, Flint Hill. They had an afternoon ceremony, and then celebrated their reception with beautiful details and subtleties.
Beth and Tyler, we adored capturing your joy of the course of the last year, your love is effortless, and we are so fortunate to have been a part of it. Thank you and much joy to you both!


  1. Janice Browning says:

    Beth, you were a beautiful bride. These pyctures are great. Thanks for sharing them with me.

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