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Happy back to work after Memorial Day, day 🙂 I hope this past weekend was filled with lots of fun beach time and grills!! There’s nothing better than a long weekend,…. and for some of you, maybe a few extra days added to that 🙂 Now I didn’t get to do the beach thing but I did get to spend a ton of awesome time with my little family, and eat a hamburger or two!! Holidays are the best excuse to eat hamburgers, french fries and milkshakes, right! 
Even though junk food is super fun to eat, some little people have to wait until they’re one….. and thank goodness Elsa is almost one! Not too much longer and she’ll be eating cake and ice cream to celebrate her birthday and hopefully have it all over her face to show for it!!
Joe, Trinity & Elsa, we have had so much fun seeing Elsa grow so big this year! It really seems like last month that we met her for the first time. We love your sweet family and hope we get to hang out again really soon!!


  1. Jim & Renee Ouellette says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures of the family

  2. Jim & Renee Ouellette says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures of the family

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