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Hey Friends!!!

A very happy tuesday, and a very happy wedding we have to share with you today!! Really really great wedding!! One of those weddings that remind me so much of why I love getting to do what I get to do. Even as the wedding photographer, so often we get caught in the logistic, helping set up the day so there is little stress, and well, opportunities for pretty pictures! And because we go to so many weddings, it sometimes becomes easy to forget that a wedding is so much more then all that went into making that day happen. Which I know is hard to believe because of so incredibly much that goes into the day! So, I am thankful when I get to be around couples that remind of the big picture of what that day is actually about. These two awesome individuals promising to love each other forever. Which is pretty epic. 
Christen and David, you guys are awesome. We were so grateful for your kindness and joy from the two of you, as well as, from all your family and friends. Plus, we absolutely loved watching you guys dance the night away! Christen, I had no idea you had such awesome moves!! LOL!



  1. hi,
    Alyson did Christen’s makeup for her wedding. May we use some of your beautiful photos on our website?

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