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So, incase I haven’t shared this before, I absolutely love traveling. I love waking up somewhere new. I love the adventure of the unfamiliar. I love the experience of learning what a new place holds. Getting lost and finding my way. Meeting new people. I strangely love airports, airplane rides, hotels, and rental cars. I know it might be weird, but going through security doesn’t bother me. “Take off my shoes, sure! Im riding an airplane!” Giddy like a 3 year old getting a lollypop! There is something uniquely exciting about it all, and i just love it. SO, when a couple asks us to travel with them, I can’t begin to share how excited I get!! Not only do I get to experience the wonderfulness of a new place, I get to experience a WEDDING in the wonderfulness of a new place!! 

All that said, we were so honored when Chris and Lindsay asked us to come photograph their wedding at the Holly Hedge Estates in New Hope, PA. The location was unbelievably lovely. The beginning of September brought us the crispness of autumn, and for me the gladness of saying “we’re in the north!”. It was almost as if the sunlight was whiter.On top of all of that, Lindsay and Chris were truly the best hosts, and absolutely adorable.  Filled to the brim with joy, love, and beauty, it was impossible not to get completely immersed in it all. We were spoiled with the magical combination of emotion and stunning location. It was a great experience all around, and for this travel lover and wedding lover, I got my cup filled with the perfect adventure for my heart and camera!!

Lindsay and Chris, thank you for allowing us to share in your sweet wedding. We loved being introduced to a brand new location and all of your amazing friends and family. We are so grateful you found us and took us with you to PA! 

Much joy!


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