Kelly + Chip

Hi Friends!!

Oh, how happy this wedding made me. I am a sucker for sweet backyard weddings. and how you will love this one, I promise!! This particular wedding took place at the home that Kelly grew up in. Her home was one where I could completely envision Kelly, as a young child, running down the stairs after her brother, cool evenings sitting on the porch swing, and summer days playing in the lake! So, what a perfect choice for the venue, and such a beautiful spot to continue the memories. 

It was a completely overcast day, and there were times I held my breathe because I felt a rain drop or two, as I watched this couple’s beautiful outdoor setup. Yes, I pray quite hard at times for my couples that the rain will hold off until their departure, so they can have the day they were dreaming of! Meeting Kelly and Chip for the first time on their wedding day, because they now both live in DC, I was able to tell exactly who they were through all their wonderful details, and with so many friends and family around them. Plus the very best part of the day (to me anyway) was the fact that when I said, “hey, you wanna get in that canoe?” they looked at each other, smiled, and said, “Sure!” not every day I get to photograph a bride and groom on a lake in a cone. so, I am thankful for these sweet adventurers at heart! 

Kelly and Chip! What an awesome day, and I am beyond thankful to have been a part of photo-ing so many awesome moments! I am thrilled about these photos, and hope you will cherish them as much as we do!!

Much much joy!


I would like to personally apologize as this is a huge sharing of images!! BUT, we couldn’t help it! Also, an incredibly thank you to Molly McKinley from Chancey Charm for creating an amazingly smooth day! 

  1. Love the pictures! So glad yall could be part of our day and capture it so perfectly. It really was a fairy tale thanks to all involved.

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