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Hi friends!!
A very happy Monday to all of you! It is so hard to believe that just yesterday we were in Texas! We had an amazing time experiencing the best of texas! Austin was awesomely unique and we can’t wait to share photos soon! The only downside to be gone for the 4 days is feeling even more behind then I felt 4 days ago. It would be a super bonus if I could either have two more arms, or two more hours to help make up some time. Neither of which I know are possible, so I am just diving in full steam with a happy heart because I have gratitude of being busy, and so thankful to all of you for allowing me to be busy. 
I am so excited to share these photos from my sweet Huckaby family!! I have been photoing this family for many years now, and I am grateful to be a part of watching how they are growing. A family of all boys, feels entirely my inverse! Where the term “rock and tumble” takes a whole new level! But without question, every year I look forward to this shoot, and every year, I am so happy with their photos. Mostly because when I look at them, I can smile and know I caught exactly what I saw- a big ol pile of boys, and one stunning little lady!
Much joy!

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