Allyson + Gardner

So I’ve always wanted to see New York in the fall and more specifically Central Park in the fall….. well, this is kind of what I imagine it would look like 🙂 Maybe I’m COMPLETELY wrong!! haha!! But just let me dream 🙂 I absolutely love this couple and I’m so happy we finally got to spend the morning together! After several rainy days, important trips, and I think if I remember right, maybe a cracked tooth :):),…. It was SOOOOOO worth the wait!! Allyson and Gardner are the sweetest couple most in love couple and they totally made my day much brighter when we got to hang out!! 

Allyson & Gardner, thank you! You both rocked your engagement session and we absolutely can not wait for your St. Simon’s wedding!! And Allyson, I have a feeling my favorite part is going to be you in your wedding dress in a boat 🙂



  1. Sandy Satterfield says:

    Gorgeous photos and a perfect good looking couple. Congratulations! Allyson, you”re beautiful! Nice job!

  2. Sandy Young says:

    WOW…. We are so excited for you both. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple… So many great times ahead…

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