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My friends on a regular basis will ask me, “so where is your wedding this weekend?”, and when I shared that I was going to Madison, GA it surprised me when every single person responded with an “OH!!! You are going to love it there! It is so beautiful!!!” SO, I was excited to visit this charming town for the first time to see what all my friends were raving about! I will admit I wasn’t disappointed! This location was indeed just breathtaking, and along with this beautiful couple, I was overwhelmed with so many photo ops! 

Mike and Ruth celebrated their union at the variety works in Madison, Ga. This really amazing farmhouse chic venue originally built in the 1800s was the perfect setting for their close knit family and friends. My favorite part of the day was when Ruth’s father who also officiated their ceremony announced that they were husband and wife, and that Mike was allowed to kiss his daughter. Such a special and personal moment that I am sure they will both remember forever!

Mike and Ruth! Thank you for inviting kim and I to madison, ga, to the variety works, and to be a part of a truly special day! I will always feel a kinship to families who have all daughters, and was so thankful to have witnessed what awesome families and friends you both have! I hope you both enjoyed your honeymoon in Hawaii – one of my favorite places on this earth!! I definitely think it is a great place to start a marriage! 😉 and now for your next favorite part! your wedding photos!!

Much joy!


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