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Gavin is One! I can’t even believe that a little over a year ago, our family grew +1. It’s been the absolute best, most loving, most challenging, happiest, perfect/imperfect year of my life all because of this little guy. He is the reason I smile so much and I love my life even more now because of him. Colby and I are the luckiest parents alive because of our little baby Gavin and I’m so excited to see what this next year brings!! Walking, talking, new food and more fun!  There are lots of adventures waiting for our family and I’m just going to hold on tight and love every minute of it!!

Just had to share some cake photos because to me, they are the definition of a 1st birthday!! He didn’t dive in like I thought he would but he took his time and enjoyed every minute of it! The best part was when he realized how yummy his fingers tasted and gave us the biggest smile you could ever imagine!! A birthday card from our little neighbor friend said it best. She drew a picture of Gavin with a cake in front of him (so cute) and it said “the best thing about turning one…. is you get your very own cake!”

Enjoy and I just want everyone to know that this is the cutest baby you’ll ever see :):):) I can play favorites because he’s mine!!!! LOL!


  1. Lauren Brady says:

    So cute!! What a sweet lil guy!

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