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Something I have learned lately about weddings is how resilient they are. With all the details that go into a wedding, there are SO many things that can go wrong…and I have seen my share of bumps.  However, lately I have just been floored to see how a wedding can bounce back and still be the most spectacular day the couple could have hoped for. 

On this particular day, I know you remember, May 4th. It rained from sun up to sun down, and for this couple who planned their dream wedding in the backyard of a family friends home, I am sure they envisioned people strolling poolside with their drinks or guests down on the dock laughing and watching the sun go down on the lake. But, in this case, the rain, oh the rain, made the day look very different. But, I was just so inspired by this couple and the fact that they weren’t going to let the littliest of rain get in the way of having their amazing day. Though I know the day maybe wasn’t what they had thought, I felt it was better. There were moments that we don’t often get to see because of all the glorious rain.  This day was filled with a bride and groom just so smitten with seeing each other. an amazing group of friends that made up their wedding party that laughed the entire day, and without any haste just threw their umbrellas up the air, and marched straight outside and braved the weather for their friends, and their guests still partied til the wee hours of the day, including a fella who took off his shirt to celebrate this special occasion. (just wait you’ll see) And even though the rain poured, I think that these are possibly some of my favorite photos to date. 

Morgan and Taylor, I do believe that weddings are resilient, but i also believe it has a lot to do with the people behind them. It speaks volumes of the people you both are, and I consider myself very lucky to have been a part of such a spectacular day and to have gotten to know two spectacular people. One of my favorites sayings talks about how a knot is that much harder to pull apart when it is wet. Rain on your wedding day signifies unity.  The rationale behind this stems from the reference to marriage as “tying the knot”.  It is no secret that a wet knot is much harder to untie that a dry one, as the water makes it much harder to untie.  Therefore, if it rains when you are “tying the knot”, it suggests unity, and the creation of a stronger bond that will not easily be broken.  With that said, many blessings to you both and congratulations on tying the knot!!!

Much joy!


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