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Oh boy oh boy oh boy, am I ever excited about this one! There are giveaways and then there are GIVEAWAYS, and this falls into the latter camp. We are partnering with Molly McKinley–the very same planner/designer extrodinaire who worked with us on this adorable wedding featured in SMP –and we’re giving one reader an anniversary photo session shot by us, styled by Molly, completely free! 
Since we are in the business of celebrating love, we wanted to do something extra special for couples who have already said their “i do’s”.  We want to honor those of you who have been working hard at marriage and the epic promise you made to the person you committed your heart to! There are a unique set of challenges and triumphs that can only be shared by those of you who have made a lifetime commitment to another person. There will be days that are great, and then there will days that require an extra dose of patience, compromise, and sometimes just saying sorry even though it might not have been your fault. Being the true example of what it really means to being there… for better or worse. 

As someone who has been married for almost 10 years ( this September, whoo hoo!), I can personally testify to how marriage is something you have to work for every single day. You have to make a conscious effort to falling in love with each other daily. How easy it is to get stuck in the mundain of the every day…the not so romantic sides of life- work, groceries, dishes, in my case, diapers (4 kids worth), mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, finances, leaving the toilet seat down, folding laundry… oh the list .  Its all about how you two decide to approach all these day to day things and while still trying to tell your love through it all.

One of my favorite books is written by a husband and wife, John and Stasi Eldrigde called “Love and War“.  The book  begins with their obvious confession: Marriage is fabulously hard. And the continue to describe how, “We live in a great love story, set in the midst of war.” Its one of my favorite visuals to the promise I feel I made. I know its hard, but because its hard, its that much more amazing. 

So, all that said, we want to celebrate your love story!! We want to celebrate all your hard work, all you two have accomplished together. So, we are happy to announce the giveaway of all giveaways. Got you excited?? well, we hope you will join us! here are the details! 

This contest is open to any couple who will be available in the Atlanta area.  You must haven been married for at least a year.  The prize will be an inspired by you, styled by Molly McKinley Designs, one-hour photo shoot captured by Alea Moore Photography and you will receive a DVD of all your images. Pretty fabulous, right!?

1. We want to hear your story!  Email me at info @ in 250 words or less either how you two met or how he proposed and what your wedding was like. And most importantly, we would also love to hear why you two deserve a session. Make sure that in the Subject Line of your email you put “Photoshoot Giveaway”  and then both your names (eg. Photoshoot Giveaway: Julie & Jason) or your entry might not be included.
2. Please also include a brief sentence or two about your personal style and tastes so that we can start thinking about how we’ll style your photo shoot if you win (eg. “we both like bright colors, the beach and picnics, and quirky movies”). 
3. Also make sure to attach a photo of the two of you together.
4. Leave us a comment below this post telling us how much you love us. (i mean who doesn’t love hearing that.)
4. “Like” Alea Moore and Molly Hunt McKinley on Facebook.
5. Follow @aleamoore, @kimlindsay, and @mollymckdesigns on instagram and twitter
I know this is a lot to do, but we promise it will be worth it!
The submission period ends Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 12 midnight.  Any emails received after then will not be entered into the contest.  Then from there we will review each story received and pick our three favorites, and then post them here on the blog and Facebook for the world to see on Tuesday, June 27, 2013.  At this point, the contest is in the hands of blogland.  Readers will have one week to vote for their favorite story by “liking” the couple of their choice’s post on Facebook, or by emailing me at with the couples’ name as the Subject Heading (i will repost how to vote when we get to that stage).  The winner will be emailed and announced here on the blog no later than Friday, July 1, 2013.
ok! Ready? Thinking caps…ON!
Good luck!

  1. Greg A. White says:

    Donna and I first met when we were in the first grade! She moved to my home town, Osceola, IA. She had “cooties” for several years. Then when were in 7th grade, we were both at a dance at the Osceola country club. As I watched her on the dance floor, in her tight pink sweater and pink and white checked pants, a warm & fuzzy feeling came over me. One of my other friends that was there, Carolyn, must have noticed me starring at Donna. She came over and said, you like her don’t you. We started hanging out as friends with 2 other friends, Jackie and Todd. One day I got up the nerve to ask her out. I think I did it through a note to her. We went out for about a month and then she broke up with me. We remained friends and in the 8th grade, I asked her out again. She again said yes and the rest is history. It has not always been easy. We have had our share of ups and downs: we had been married about 2 years when I thought I wanted out of our marriage. Donna, however, is a fighter and not a quitter and she has taught me how to be one also. We went through counseling and got back on track. June 9, 2013 will mark our 29th wedding anniversary! We have 3 beautiful children: Alex, a boy, age 19, Carly age 15 and Dylan, another son, age 13. Thanks for letting me tell our story. Sincerely, Greg A. White

  2. Katie F. says:

    YES! love you guys!

  3. joyce says:

    I think that’s a beautiful idea…Y’all are the best..!!

  4. Heather Strack says:

    I just love you gals!And your photographs too…but you already know that! I tell everyone getting married about Alea Moore Photography and all its awesomeness!

  5. Priscilla says:

    ok…the Janowskis are entering for a chance to win! yes, we love love love alea and kim and i’m sure that we’d love molly hunt mckinley too. 🙂 xoxo

  6. Margie Sorrell says:

    What an AWESOME idea! This photo shoot is bound to be gorgeous with these great minds behind it!

  7. Anna H says:

    We love AMP!!! Thanks for the chance at an amazing photo shoot!

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