Baby Jordan

Hi there!! It’s a beautiful day out today so I’m wishing that all of you have a few free moments to go out and soak up some yummy sun! Run out …. NOW! because I’m not sure how long it will last 🙂 well today I’m so happy to Baby Jordan’s first photos!! And her first one below says it all! Smiles and sweetness and a little more sunshine!! Alea and I just laugh sometimes because It’s always a guessing game with a brand new little one trying to figure out what they love the most and we discovered that Jordan LOVES to be swaddled 🙂 Swaddled babies are just the sweetest!!

Baby Jordan, we;come to the world!! We’re happy you’re here and can’t wait to watch you grow!! Be a sweet to your mommy and daddy and we wish you lots of hugs and kisses!!!



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