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Happy Friday!! I know everyone must have exciting plans for this upcoming gorgeous weekend and please know, I wish I was with ya!! I have a hefty goal for the weekend that includes cleaning and organizing, gardening and maybe napping hear and there if Gavin and Colby will let me (not likely;). Wish me luck!

Now I know I’ve posted 2 sessions in a row of this incredible glowy field, but how can I not use it while it’s there!! I know any second, the guys with the big mean lawn mowers are going to come sneakin’ around in the middle of the night, and cut this glorious site!! And all I can say is bye bye 🙁 So I’m so happy to share the Fitzpatrick family in this field too 🙂

We have known little Elsa from the beginning and knew right away that she was going to be a cutie pie!! She has got a personality for miles and might actually have my favorite pigtails ever! When her mom told me that she was obsessed with her baby dolls, I expected nothing less AND I couldn’t wait to get her with her dolls and baby buggy out in that wheat grass!! What better way to celebrate turing 2 than with a party with your dollies! 

Joe & Trinity, Thanks for being the coolest parents ever!! I look forward to seeing your family every chance we get and I’m so very happy I got to spend some time in the sun with you finally!! LOL!!! Happy Birthday Elsa and save a piece of cake for me!!



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