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In the seven years I have been a photographer, I can say I have found myself in the most unusual, sometimes compromising, and a lot of times dirty messy goodness while shooting. Trekking through mud to get the perfect angle. Stepping into tall grass and praying a snake won’t come out and bite me. Getting close enough to edges that would make anyone queazy. Stepping through ant hills, spider webs, and trying to avoid the bees. All for the sake of getting some pretty amazing shots. While doing this, I can admit that I think I do a good job keeping my composure with the hopes that it helps my clients feel comfortable and at ease. Its part of the job. Well, while photographing Ryan and Katies engagement session, i can say I had my first freak out moment, and though I tried to keep a calm face, I realize looking back on it, I may not have done such a good job. We were on top of the roof at the georgian terrace, and we were trying to get a skyline shot, so I asked Katie and Ryan to step up on a ledge that backed up to the rooftop. While trying my best to capture the best angle, I realized I needed to get on the same ledge on the other side, and I am just clicking away, when I look behind me and realize, I don’t have any roof, but rather a very long drop behind me, that pretty much almost caused me to wet my pants and have a freak out moment. The thought literally flashed before my eyes of the fence breaking and me falling, well plummeting, to my demise. Not. a. good. thought. 

well, all that said, I absolutely loved spending a rainy afternoon with this adorable couple. With a cloudy city as our backdrop, and praying for the rain to stay away, Katie and Ryan had no problem being themselves which included a lot of laughing and playing and being beyond sweet. 


Katie + Ryan!!! what a fun afternoon! You guys were certainly troopers as we trekked through the park and climbed on roof top ledges!! If this is a glimpse to anything what the wedding will be like, I am pumped!! 

Much joy!


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