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Hey Friends!

Oh man, it has been quite the adventure over the last couple weeks! Our Hawaii trip was everything we have ever hoped for and more! I can’t wait to share some of the images, and if you are wanting an incentive to go buy your tickets, check out my instagram feed for some of the fun we had! I am definitely still adjusting back to East Coast time slowly but surely! AP definitely was able to bounce back a lot quicker, so he has been so sweet letting me sleep in the mornings and bringing me coffee in bed that last few days! I know, im one lucky lady. 🙂

Ive been working my tail off in the studio, trying to catch up from a 2 week absence, so I have so appreciated everyones patience and kindness while I settle back in! I know it is the season for pictures, and I am feeling so blessed with all the amazing families I will get to see again and meet for the first time! This fall is going to ROCK! 

Speaking of amazing families! I was so thrilled when the McKinneys reached out again to take pictures of their little lady!  Though it was a cloudy overcast morning, this little ball of sunshine will have your heart melting!! 

Have a wonderful Thursday friends!!!



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