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Hey friends!

My heart is just swollen right now getting to share these photos from our trip to Hawaii. I am still in disbelief that we got to go, and that we aren’t planning for this trip, but rather that it already happened. My husband, AP and I celebrated our ten year anniversary (and my birthday) on these gorgeous Pacific Islands, and the trip was more wonderful than i could have ever imagined. Both AP and I had lived on Hawaii (at different times) back in the day when I was a horse trail guide and AP played with sea turtles and sting rays for a living. We did get to go back for our one year anniversary, so it had been a solid ten years since we have been back to one of our favorite places on earth. Though this would have a been a fun trip for our entire family, we decided to just go the two of us. Which allowed us to explore, connect, and grow as a couple. Even after ten years, I still feel like it was just yesterday that I met the cute boy with curly hair and being amazed that there was another person on this earth who loved the ocean as much as I do. So for us, a place like Hawaii is magical. We love the gorgeous mountainous land, the warm people, and the ocean that surrounds it. So, while out there we took advantage of everything we could and hiked, swam, rock climbed, paddle boarded, snorkeled, sailed, found secret lagoons, helicoptered, picked mangos out of the tress, jumped off cliffs, picked wild flowers, drank out of coconuts, kayaked, and did our best to just relax and soak it all in. While we were out there, we got to renew our vows which was epic in itself and even had friends join us for a few days so that we could show them the islands we love so much. We do joke how we are grateful for our four girls back home, otherwise, we probably would have found a hut to live in and wouldn’t have come back. Living in your car on the beach is ok right? All that said, this trip was exactly what this busy mom of four needed. My soul refresher. My heart filler. The perfect way to celebrate our ten years together. (and we have promised to not let another ten years go by.) 

My hope is to get you to fall in love with these islands after seeing these photographs, so that you will go out today and buy your plane tickets, and when you get back you can tell me how it changed your life. 😉 sound good?

much joy and aloha. 

the photos below are from the Islands of Oahu and Kauai. 

if you want to see some more fun ones check out my instagram feed @aleamoore

  1. Anna H. says:

    Breathtaking. So amazing that God made it and He allows us opportunities to enjoy it. Y’all are awesome, and I am so glad you had the chance to celebrate TEN YEARS there!!!

  2. Priscilla says:

    Beautiful pics!!! Thanks for sharing!

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