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I am going to admit that I don’t think a single wedding goes by without me getting a little choked up at one point or another. Especially at weddings where I feel close to the couple, and in this case have developed a relationship over the last few years, it is pretty inevitable that I will tear up. At Sarah and Will’s wedding, it was the moment when, holding hands with her mom, Sarah began her walk down the aisle to their small ceremony of under 25 guests with the sounds of bluegrass filling the air. Both Sarah and Will are a big fans of bluegrass, so having the sounds of a bass, a sweet violin and guitars fill the air throughout their ceremony and reception was just awesome. During smaller ceremonies, I am always flooded by the intimacy and how it feels to be so close to two people who are saying their commitment to each others. I love getting to see Will watch Sarah walk down the aisle to Him, giving her a small kiss on the cheek, and taking her her arm. Seeing Sarah close her eyes as Will read his vows, taking every word in.  I loved how she laughed and shook her head in disbelief every time someone used the word “husband” to refer to him. I loved how they both were completely present, taking the time to love on every one there individually. My heart swelled for these two, and how happy I am that the entire day unfolded perfectly, from the moment Sarah slipped into her wedding dress, to the last toast of the night, to their farewells… it was just perfect. 

Will and Sarah; thank you so much for allowing Kim and I to document such a beautiful celebration! We feel so privileged to have been there and to know you guys and your families!! Many blessings and we love you guys!

  1. Katie says:

    Gosh y’all, did you have to bring me to tears?! They’re absolutely perfect in every way!! Much love to you both! Xo

  2. Debbie Kinard says:

    I cannot believe that this was just the most perfect, beautiful wedding I have ever attended and it was for our Son, Will, and our beautiful, wonderful new Daughter-in-Law Sarah! We are so happy to be joining our two families together. Kim and Alea, you truly caught all the emotions and beauty of this wonderful day. Thank you SOOO much!

  3. Don’t have much word to say on it! Two thumbs up! Truly beautiful… A spark for my next wedding. Will attempt and put some of these thoughts in the mix. So lovely! I can feel the affection through my veins.

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